How we work

SERMO offers a bespoke approach to creating stand out international and local communications campaigns.

We understand the importance of communication campaigns that offer flex and we’re happy to work with you to shape and adopt a best fit model for each and every venture.

We recognise the importance of ensuring a globally consistent brand message. Rigorous processes, ruthless attention to detail, influential connections, understanding the language and lifecycle of social media, exceptional execution, excellent client relationship management and a demonstrable return on your investment are also fundamental.

read our Client Relationship Management Charter.

What might work in mainland China might not be the most effective approach in Brazil: you might want on the ground support in Italy but retain an existing local PR consultancy or utilise an in-house team in Hong Kong. In most instances, one lead agency within the network is the custodian of your brief and will coordinate the execution and evaluation of global or regional campaigns. Our full-service, global hub model, including collaboration with advertising, creative and digital agencies, ensures campaigns translate across paid, owned, shared and earned media. This is illustrated below.

But in any case, by working with one SERMO partner you can tap into the network’s global influencer, creative and content resources.

The SERMO network has developed two specialist offerings that add an extra dimension to our work:

SERMO Newsroom

Some clients want media coverage with a global reach without requiring a full service offer from several international agencies. SERMO’s partners have developed a bespoke, pan agency global on & offline coverage & social media generation offer, the ‘SERMO Newsroom’. The SERMO Newsroom is managed by the lead local agency without direct partner appointment by the client in the territories where coverage is required. The Newsroom service is designed to focus on ROI efficiency and a central price list is set against coverage targets and scope of work.


SERMO has developed a unique creative service whereby the Creative Directors at SERMO agencies around the world come together to solve global, communications problems for new and existing clients on a one-off or on-going basis.

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