Nike Communications win gold in 2016 SABRE Awards for John Dewar & Sons “Malts of Legend” event
Aug · 2 · 2016

Nike Communications win gold in 2016 SABRE Awards for John Dewar & Sons “Malts of Legend” event

The SERMO network’s U.S. partner, Nike Communications, won gold at this year’s SABRE Awards for their “Malts of Legend” event concept for Bacardi brand, John Dewar & Sons. The 2016 North America SABRE Awards recognise superior achievement in branding, reputation and engagement. Campaigns were evaluated by a jury of more than 40 industry leaders.

Nike Communications were tasked with launching and introducing John Dewar & Sons’ five new, rare malt brands and their unique stories to high net-worth whisky drinkers, media and influencers in New York City. The challenge was, they had to bring the brands to life in a vibrant way, while conveying their unique and complex histories, without the ability to bring people to Scotland to experience the malts and their rich culture directly. Subsequently, they used immersive theatre as a platform to take 300 key customers, single malt enthusiasts and media members on a journey and creatively educate them about the esoteric malts and their untold stories. They took over a deserted retail space on Canal Street and curated a series of scenes that took guests through the five distilleries and played on their sense of discovery and allowed them to sample the malts, with some surprises along the way. The event generated over 250 million media impressions, over one million social media impressions and succeeded in creating a fan base of true “malt heads”, consisting of influencers, consumers, media and celebrities. It was the first time that a whisky brand has used an immersive theatrical experience to bring a liquid to life and the event’s success prompted the concept to be replicated in other key U.S. cities including San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Nike Communications were honoured at the SABRE Awards dinner on 3rd May at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York.

Agency: Nike Communications
Country: U.S.