Nota Bene celebrate the return of Veuve Clicquot’s Yelloween party

Once again, Veuve Clicquot celebrated Halloween in style with Yelloween!

Exclusive Clicquot parties were thrown all around the world, from Tokyo to Sydney and Rio, mystifying all the lucky guests. Nota Bene celebrated the return of Veuve Clicquot’s mythic Yelloween party in Madrid, where they were joined by young emerging actor Álex González, who’s currently filming the second season of the hit series “El Príncipe”. Other special guests who were there on the night included: Elena Furiasse, María Castro, Carmen Lomana, Juncal Ribero, Angela Cremonte, Eloy Azorin, Alfonso Bassave, Aito de la Rua, Antonio de la Rua and his model girlfriend Daniela Ramos. Daniela took to the decks along with renowned DJ, Javi Mula, to get the party jumping!

Agency: Nota Bene
Country: Spain