SERMO Exchange: Experiencing Events – TALK.GLOBAL x R.S.V.P MOSCOW
Nov · 15 · 2019

SERMO Exchange: Experiencing Events – TALK.GLOBAL x R.S.V.P MOSCOW

We’re a network based on partnership, rather than ownership which means two things. We always have an open door for each other, and we learn from friends who truly know their respective markets. It makes sense therefore to encourage our teams to experience life and work across the globe.

In September, TALK.GLOBAL’s Head of Production Sophie Bannister paid a visit to SERMO partner R.S.V.P in Moscow to spend time with their events team. Over three days, they had the chance to share, learn and experience everything events related. Sophie talks about her trip below …

“Visiting Arthur and the R.S.V.P team was a fantastic opportunity to gain a no-holds-barred view into the ever-familiar trials and challenges that come with event production. Not to mention how we each operate, troubleshoot and work with our clients. The events industry is exciting and ever evolving. As both TALK.GLOBAL and R.S.V.P work on a global level, this was a unique chance to discover what makes each of the different countries tick.

Both businesses consider themselves communications agencies, however the route and role events played in their growth has been very different. TALK.GLOBAL was primarily founded as a communications consultancy, with the events and content arm, TALK PRODUCTION, following later due to the growing demand from clients. R.S.V.P’s evolution however was the reverse – an events-led agency that discovered a real skill for communications. When founded, Russia was just opening up to the idea of PR and Marketing as during the Soviet Union PR and Marketing did not exist. When the market finally adjusted, the go-to PR activation method became events execution.

Time together allowed us to gain an appreciation of how to maximise the impact of the work we do and exchange intel on how we each keep a close eye on the finer elements that every event demands. Whilst events are finite windows of time in which to create impact and results for a brand, they require a consistent keen eye for detail, juggling anything from critical path analyses, runs of show and logistics right down to extensive budget management. All these aspects can be tackled differently and it’s useful to understand if there’s a trick we’re missing or a tool we don’t know of that could assist us in streamlining a process. The common denominator is fundamentally great talent in your team. At R.S.V.P there’s a team of twenty-five to enable nimble on-the-ground events delivery. At TALK.GLOBAL, whilst the model is a smaller team, they have a sharp eye for detail and are adept at multi-tasking to confidently tackle the demands of both content and events production.

Encouragingly however, sharing the ups and downs has reaffirmed to us that our approaches are sound and we’re moving in the right direction. Never underestimate how valuable it is to troubleshoot with colleagues those sticking points and challenges faced in the industry, as well as the day to day. Having the ear of those who are also well-versed in their field and appreciate the intricacies involved is rare and invaluable

This visit paves the way for further exchanges between not just us at TALK.GLOBAL and R.S.V.P, but between all partners in the network. Opening our doors and spending time together not only allows for learning, but it’s helped us develop our offers and add value to the work we produce for clients moving forwards. We look forward to welcoming Arthur in the UK soon for him to experience life on TALK.PRODUCTION.’’