What Wellness Did Next
Mar · 26 · 2019

What Wellness Did Next

Southern California has built quite the reputation as a leader in the wellness industry, innovating testing, and driving new health trends. We’ve experienced a slew of wellness trends as well as the cyclical nature of the popularity; from juice cleanses and cryotherapy to SoulCycle, stretch labs, and more. What’s more, it’s become increasingly obvious that wellness has now infiltrated all sectors. Wellness is no longer solely a fitness & health movement, it influences your entire lifestyle, from the skincare you use, to the way our employers approach work/life balance.

Three months into 2019, we’re amidst a new class of wellness movements; here’s what to keep an eye on for the year ahead.

Wellness Hospitality

Whilst the trend of high-tech gyms and personalised training regimes may not be new to the wellness industry, it is forging a new way to holiday. Destination resorts, such as The Viceroy in Los Cabos, are bringing all aspects of wellness together, offering luxe health-minded lodging and experiences, presenting guests with curated itineraries incorporating adaptogenic lattes, classes taught by celebrity trainers like Harley Pasternak, mindfulness exercises and more.

And wellness isn’t only influencing where we holiday, it’s also changing where we hang out. The new L.A. Soho House is decidedly wellness-driven. Clubhouses like The Well (launching in Spring 2019) are being unveiled, that are based on a holistic approach to health. These exclusive members-only hubs cost upwards of $5,000 for a yearly membership, and combine elements of a social networking space, with the latest trends and priorities in wellness to get you functioning at the top of your game.

Beauty & Grooming

Wellness is infiltrating how we approach our beauty regimes, and it seems there’s always a new trend on the horizon, from using all-natural products to essential oils. Right now, increased innovation and new legislation are paving the way for increased buzz around CBD and hemp within the wellness, beauty, and lifestyle spheres in the US. We’re seeing it in beauty and skincare (organic and cold pressed CBD brands like LEEF Organics are a must), and the product is being integrated into beverages, spa services and trendy seasonal menus city-wide. Additionally, we’ve seen a drastic increase in beauty from the inside-out and outside-in routines, with topical products being supplemented by ingestible products, working in tandem to maximize results.

Food & Drink

From paleo, to tee-totalism, Southern California has long been a champion of the healthy diet. Veganism has seen significant growth in the past few years, and we’re now living in a post-milk generation. Despite oat milk being decidedly higher in fat and sugar than many other milk alternatives, it’s taking Los Angeles by storm – so much so that leading brand Oatly is consistently sold out of even boutique speciality grocers. The alternative milk “trend” is becoming less of a trend, and more of a mainstay.


Technology is improving our wellness at home, with brands and products like Peloton, The Mirror, and JAXJOX, injecting modern technology and connectivity into home workouts and your everyday wellness routine, so you can work-out on your own time. They’re also making your fitness statistics available in real time, allowing consumers to track their performance and improvement as it happens, not only on their phone but to all their connected devices.

At Work

Here at Bollare we have a yearly initiative that ties wellness and health with an opportunity for our employees to give back to our community, via a company-wide competition using the Charity Miles app! For every mile you move – walk, run, dance or bike – the money is donated to a charity of your choice. This year, our miles logged went to support Girl Up, the United Nations Foundations Adolescent Girl Campaign that provides encouragement to girls around the world to take action in being educated, healthy, and safe. Collectively, we completed 657 miles, generating a donation that went towards empowering young women globally to transform their communities and the world – a cause we can all get behind!

Being headquartered in Southern California (West Hollywood and our new Bollare Beach Bungalow in Newport Beach, CA) allows a first-glimpse at the wellness trends that are sure to create a swell! We’ve loved seeing ‘self-care’ become such a conversation, and in turn the spur for brands and companies to create convenient health solutions that we can help introduce to the market. Suffice to say, we see wellness, evolving across all lifestyle categories; it is certainly so much more than green juice and yoga!

Written by Kira Tirshfield, Senior Account Manager at Bollare – West Hollywood